Everyone can prepare yeast food at home

  By designing and producing technologies that will make life easier for individuals, Westelle will fulfill the expectations of everyone who wants to prepare yeast food or create the perfect conditions for fermentation with the new generation of Maya refrigerator.

  Vestel, who wants to produce fermented food at home but finds no opportunity or creates ideal conditions in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, provides all the conditions necessary for fermentation with the new generation of Maya refrigerator Various foods requiring fermentation process such as dough, milk, kefir, vinegar and pickles;  Thanks to the automatically adjusted temperature and time functions, the Maya refrigerator, which allows everyone to make and store them, supports individuals' desire for a healthy life.

  In addition to the Maya technology, the Westelle Mamiya refrigerator, with maximum freshness technology, allows the gas to be removed from inhaling fruits and vegetables from the environment and preserving food for a longer period without losing its nutritional value;  With Active Ion technology, it sends negatively charged ions into the cabinet and reduces the bad-smelling particles of positive charge.  Meanwhile, the Maya oversized refrigerator with "PUZZLE" feature can be used in 19 different ways thanks to the smart multi-function booths.  The yeast room can be used as freezer or cooler at any time, and the usage functions of other rooms can be adjusted according to consumer preferences.  Apart from that, it also provides an opportunity to save energy by turning it off when no special compartments are used.

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